Woodbridge Foam Collective Agreement

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„[The company] has customers who supply them, but we don`t want to compromise our future activities and employment. That`s why we`re doing our best to find an agreement that is satisfactory to our membership,” said Rick MacLean, President of Local 127. If no new agreement is reached, Woodbridge Foam workers will go on strike at midnight on Wednesday. As of Thursday, nearly 240 Blenheimers could go on strike. Rights granted and restrictions of use – You will receive a limited, non-exclusive, non-negotiable license to view, print, download and use the content of this website (except the design or layout of this site) only for information or education purposes on your computer (except for the design or layout of this site). All copies you make must retain all copyrights and other mentions on this site, including this limited license. You don`t have to change the content you use. By using this site, you agree to the terms of use („Terms of Use”) described on this page and in any other part of woodbridge Foam Corporation`s website („Woodbridge”). It is presumed that you accept these Terms of Use, even if you have not read them. By using this site, you explain to us that you have the power and authority to accept these terms of use and that you understand and accept all the risks associated with the use of this site.