Whatsapp Privacy Agreement

By reading these terms and the entire privacy policy, I do not believe that WhatsApp successfully obtained my client`s consent to access his personal data stored on my phone and processed it in any way. In any event, Article 7, paragraph 2, states that „if the consent of the person concerned is given in the context of a written statement which also relates to other matters [. B for example, a privacy policy], the request for consent must be made in a very different way from other situations… Respect for your privacy is encoded in our DNA. Since we launched WhatsApp, we have been working to build our services with a set of data protection principles. Use allowed. The company will not violate the law, contract, intellectual property or other rights of third parties (or help others) and the company is solely responsible for its behavior when using our business services. Businesses may not use our business services directly, indirectly or in an automated manner or otherwise: (a) use our business services for personal, family or domestic purposes; (b) engage in harassing, threatening, intimidating, predatory or harassing behaviour; (c) to use or try another user`s account without the prior permission of that user and WhatsApp; (d) to imitate or register in the name of a natural or legal person, or to misrepresent a person or organization, to commit fraud or to publish false lies or statements; (e) collect information from or from other users in an illegal or unauthorized manner; (f) to use our business services with the exception of the intended purpose or to disrupt, disrupt, negatively influence or obstruct other users; (g) damage, disable, overload or affect our business services; (h) send, disseminate or post messages for spam, unwanted electronic communications, chain letters, pyramid schemes or illegal or illegal communications; (i) posting, downloading or sharing illegal, defamatory, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, indecent, indecent, indecent, threatening, privacy or public rights, insulting, incendiary, fraudulent or offensive to our judgment; (j) to promote or instruct a criminal offence; (k) the dissemination of viruses, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files or content; (l) the instructions of our robots to ignore or bypass.txt file or steps we take to prevent or restrict access to some of our business services, including content filtering techniques; or (m) expose WhatsApp or any other damage or liability.