Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement Form

(d) the value of non-original materials imported into Thailand and imported into Thailand by the Thai manufacturer in the form in which they were imported into Thailand, other non-native materials used in the manufacture of products and materials obtained in primary form or in plates, sheets or strips. ports, recipes or similar stamps, current or new, in the country where they have or will have a recognized face value; stamped paper; banknotes; Cheque forms certificates of shares, shares or bonds and similar securities. – Combined freezers, with separate exterior doors Plastic floor coverings, even self-sticks, rolls or tiles, plastic wall or ceiling coverings referred to in Note 9 of this chapter. On this site, you will find a lot of information about business activities in Thailand: Please check Thailand`s profile under „Country Profiles”. – products in this chapter, in tablets or similar shapes, or in packages weighing no more than 10 kg of natural polymers (for example. B alginic acid) and modified natural polymers (. B hydrogenated proteins, natural rubber chemical derivatives, for example), not referred to or understood elsewhere, in primary form. chemical preparations for photographic use (excluding varnishes, adhesives, adhesives and similar preparations); unmixed products for photographic purposes, in measured portions or applied in ready-to-use form for retail. automatic information processing machines and their units; Magnetic or optical readers, data transfer machines to data carriers in coded form and machines to process this data, unspecified or included elsewhere. unformed hat shapes, hats and felt caps with walled edges; Trays and sleeves (including slit sleeves), felt. pigments (including powders and metal flakes) that are dispersed in non-watery environments, in liquid or pasty form, of the types used in the manufacture of paints (including enamels); punch leaves; Dyes and other dyes applied in moulds or retail packaging.

Stainless steel in bullion or other primary forms; Half stainless steel products. Please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for full information on TAFTA. vinyl acetate polymers or other vinyl esters in primary forms; other vinyl polymers in primary forms. Carbon (black carbon and other forms of carbon not referred to or understood elsewhere). mineral or chemical fertilizers containing two or three of the fertilizing elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; Other fertilizers products in this chapter, in tablets or similar shapes, or in packages weighing no more than 10 kg. Amoenic resins, phenolic resins and polyurethanes in primary forms. – glass fritttes and other glasses, in the form of powder, granules or flakes – formic acid, its salts and esters: formic acid salts polymer propylene or other olefins, in primary forms.