Tenancy Agreement Prescribed Information

However, it seems that many owners are still not aware of the need to protect the money from the deposit! Among those who protect deposit money, a considerable number of them are not aware of the need to use the prescribed information. First, it is important to remember that it is the INFORMATION that is mandatory, not the form. There is no official information form as such, although there are several forms that you can use. The protection of the surety and the service of the information must be carried out within 30 days of receipt of the deposit money. Or sanctions apply. Guarantors, such as parents or legal guardians, are also entitled to information about the rental bond system. If the guarantor pays the deposit, he should also receive the required information, given that he is a „relevant person” within the meaning of the Housing Act 2004. If they pay the deposit and are not provided with the prescribed information, there is a possible right to the fine against the owner. It won`t be in your certificate, but it`s pretty important.

Indeed, if you do not have such a clause in your rental agreement, you do not have the legal right to make deductions from the deposit. Click here for a mandatory information template and a schematic brochure. Information brochure that the system administrator makes available to the owner or his or her original agent and explains how the provisions of the Rental Risk Protection Act work (i.e. sections 212-215 and Schedule 10, Housing Act 2004 as amended). only the prescribed information has not been provided. To avoid any potential problems, you may prefer this. The information to be provided is defined in the regulations. It consists of two types of information: one thing that often disappears is the clause in your rental agreement, which defines the goods that you can deduct from the deposit money (required according to s2 (g) (vi) of the rules). (c) the procedures applicable under the system under which an amount relating to a deposit at the end of the short lease may be paid or reimbursed to the lessee („the rental agreement”); THE HOUSING (TENANCY DEPOSITS) (PRESCRIBED INFORMATION) ORDER 2007 No 797 – This instrument complements the provisions relating to rental surety schemes set out in sections 212 to 215 and Schedule 10 of the Housing Act 2004 („the Act”). It applies to lessors who have leased their property on a secure short-term rental agreement and who have taken a surety as security for the performance or performance of one of the tenant`s obligations or related to the rental agreement. The instrument prescribes the information that a landlord must provide to such a tenant and to any person who has paid a deposit on behalf of the tenant within 30 days (14 days before) of receipt of the deposit. For reference, MANDATORY INFORMATION) 2007 No.

797 requires the following information [in accordance with our documents]. The law does not require the service of a copy of the system`s deposit guarantee certificate on the tenant/data subject, but this may be necessary according to the rules of the chosen rental deposit scheme. For more information about system rules, see Trusted systems. For this reason, it is part of the information you need to give to the tenant – he needs to be able to check what you can do with his deposit….