Studio Rental Agreement Template

Terms of Use: By signing this rental agreement, tenants accept: Weekend price: $50.00 hour per hour, $300.00 per day. The construction of equipment or hair and makeup requiring additional time must be taken into account in the rental offer. BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR NEIGHBORS• Be present at all times during the rental• Keep the event or meeting in the studio• Maintain adult supervision of minors at all times• Clean garbage or other items before leaving and leave on time• The rental agreement begins and ends as stipulated in this agreement; Furnishing and cleaning time shall be carried out during the hours provided for in this Agreement.• An hourly fee of USD 50.00 per hour shall be levied for each additional hour going beyond the rental conditions, as set out in this Agreement. RESPONSIBILITY: The tenant agrees to obtain a signed exemption from liability from any person who is on the site before using studio. The studio is not responsible for any injuries or accidents of the tenant, the tenant`s employees, the tenant`s contractors, the tenant`s customers or any visitors of the tenant that occur inside or outside the studio. Use of the studio requires in advance:• Signed studio rental agreement• Payment of the deposit• Signed disclaimer and authorization for all people who will be present in the studio• Photocopy of the tenant`s driver`s license With our drag and drop PDF editor, you can adapt this studio rental agreement template to your needs and match your studio. Indicate the studio`s rates and rules, add your terms and conditions and add your studio logo. Whenever a customer signs your online studio rental form, your studio rental agreement template immediately stores their booking information as a PDF, making it easy to separate and organize customer information. By streamlining your leasing process, JotForm gives you more leeway in your prosperity management workflow. Paperwork management should have no place in your daily life.

Whether you`re renting studios for dance rehearsals, yoga classes, art workshops, or private celebrations, use this free PDF studio rental agreement template to immediately create official rental agreements. With every form entry, your custom studio rental agreement template automatically converts legally binding contact information and signatures into sophisticated business PDFs, which you can easily access on any electronic device, share with clients, and print for your documents. The premises are used for the purposes of a photo/video studio, including activities that are necessary and are usually incidental….