Schuylkill Valley School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

Due to external issues with Google and Zoom, school is delayed today, Monday, December 14. We will provide an update on the length of the time frame as soon as possible. – authorized the hiring of Debbie Weaver, a part-time elementary school cashier, at a rate of $15.35 per hour; Jennifer Barrup, part-time elementary school waiter, $13.65 per hour; And Kelly Gott, cafeteria assistant, $9.25 per hour. The Panther Valley School District is a public school district in Pennsylvania. Panther Valley School District covers approximately 100 square kilometres. The Panther Valley School District serves students living in the Coaldale neighborhoods of Schuylkill County, Lansford, Nesquehoning and Summit Hill in Carbon County. According to 2000 census data, the district has a population of 12,516. In 2009, per capita income was $16,533, while the average family income was $39,133. [3] In the Commonwealth, the average family income was US$49,501[4] and the average family income in the United States was $49,445 in 2010.

[5] The District operates three schools: Panther Valley High School, Panther Valley Middle School and Panther Valley Elementary School. As a newcomer to the school district, Fisher said he had 25 years of experience in industrial maintenance that will help in his new position. Panther Valley funds teams in the following high school sports: Panther Valley School District In 2008, the management fee per student was $676.57 per student. In Pennsylvania, the lowest administrative cost was $398 per student. [92] The Pennsylvania School Boards Association collects and maintains payroll statistics for employees of the Pennsylvania Public School District. According to the association`s report, the average salary of a superintendent for the 2007-08 school year was $122,165. Superintendents and administrators receive a package of benefits offered to the district teachers` union. [93] Parents: My daughter is finishing her retirement year.

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