Peace Agreement Us And Taliban

Allies of the United States and coalition partners, as well as the United Nations Security Council and regional parties to the conflict, expressed support for the U.S.-Taliban agreement and the joint U.S.-Afghanistan declaration. However, given the uncertainty surrounding the U.S. timetable for troop withdrawal and the lifting of sanctions against the Taliban, concerns about the future of counterterrorism operations under these agreements, and the apparent resumption of the Taliban last year, these recent peace efforts in Afghanistan will be difficult to implement. The four-part agreement between the United States and the Taliban has forced the United States to withdraw most of its troops from Afghanistan, which it is doing. In exchange, the Taliban assured that Afghanistan would no longer be used as a base for attacks against the United States and its allies. It also agreed to cooperate with the Afghan government. The intra-Afghan negotiations, which lead to tangible peace and a credible power-sharing agreement in Afghanistan, face real challenges. Problems include concerns about the exchange of prisoners; The composition of a future Afghan state and future Afghan government and the reintegration of the Taliban into the Afghan security forces; and the internal cohesion of the Taliban and the Afghan government and whether the Taliban are actually committed to an internal peace process or whether they are using their participation as a negotiating force to promote their own goals. In concrete terms, the agreement stipulates that the United States and the coalition armed forces will withdraw all military personnel within 14 months of signing the agreement, including military and „non-diplomatic civilian personnel, private security companies, instructors, advisors and support personnel.” The agreement also provides that U.S.

forces in Afghanistan will be reduced to 8,600 troops within the first 135 days of signing the agreement and that the United States and the coalition will withdraw all armed forces from five military bases, also within the first 135 days of signing the agreement. In addition, in accordance with the agreement, the United States and coalition forces must evacuate all military bases and withdraw military personnel remaining within nine and a half months of the signing of the agreement, i.e. until mid-November 2020.