Mubaya Agreement

With, we take care of all documents and even clarify your credit and bank documentation process pending for you. You don`t even need to visit the RTA office in Dubai, as they have allowed us to sign certified sales contracts on our own sites. pay you right away, will even give you a free driver at home and a free rental car for up to 1 month, subject to the car you sell us. If you are in the used car market for sale in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and are thinking of buying a used car, get ready because it can be a complicated and stressful process. In addition, you can expose yourself to fraud by purchasing a car currently underfunded. The seller`s agreement (also known as mubayaa or mobayaa) is a critical document in certain situations and can protect buyers and sellers from fraud. CarSwitch experts have prepared this guide to help you make transfers to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the other EMIRATES. Tags: 7Days, Abu Dhabi, Al Bayan, avoid fraud, best way to sell used cars, car buying service, Dubai, Emirates Business, Esquire, fraudulent car buyer, guide, legal procedure, magazine, Middle East, Mubaya, lawsuit, sales contract, risk, RTA, sales contract, car sales, Sharjah, VAE, used car owners must accept that no objection , but its presence is not necessary. Our rates mentioned on the site can sometimes vary depending on the rules depending on the cities for which you need a service, off-duty or during the holidays. Keep in mind that our employees are trustworthy and highly reliable, regardless of the fees charged to employees, to the satisfaction of our customers, we allow our customers to make use of their right and require that the amount paid be mentioned in the agreements in order to make a formal payment. In accordance with the agreement, the buyer agrees to be responsible for such an infringement from the date and time of the contract and to keep in mind that the buyer cannot get a new registration for the car sold, unless he pays all the fines for the car purchased that makes you safe. You can use the seller`s agreement effectively by following these steps: Car Sales Agreement (Mubaya) is the solution to your problem, make the deal and let the seller go you have two weeks to go to Abu Dhabi, pay the fine and then use Mubaya to represent the actual owner of the car for registering it in your name. Without the right agreement of the seller, the process can be very difficult for both buyers and sellers.

For example, the seller can leave with cash and leave an unpaid loan against the car.