Logistics Agreement Sec

1. General information on these terms of use Master conditions: Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Continental Trading and Services, Inc. dba CTS Logistics („CTS,” „CTS Logistics,” „we,” „our” or „us”). Unless otherwise stated on a particular website or service, these Terms of Use („Conditions of Control”) apply to your use of all websites or portals operated by CTS (together „websites”). The master`s terms also apply to all products, information and services provided through websites (with websites, „services”). Together, the terms and conditions of sale, as well as all the additional conditions, constitute a binding legal agreement between you and CTS with respect to your use of the Services. Together, this legal agreement is referred to as „conditions.” In the event of a conflict between the terms of this contract and all applicable master service contracts you have with CTS, the terms of this contract will take over the terms of those terms or conditions. Humanly readable summary of section 1: These conditions, as well as all the special conditions for certain sites, create a contract between you and CTS. The contract regulates the use of all websites operated by CTS, unless a specific website indicates something else.

These unreadable summaries of each section are not part of the contract, but are intended to help you understand their terms. These four pillars of a strong logistics service contract, in addition to others, protect your business, your clarity of communication and your relationship working with your 3PL partner. They also help you avoid financial surprises, and keep your product viable and ready to be marketed, regardless of the conditions. At any time during the duration of this contract, the carrier procures and expects and certifies that each airline procures and maintains, if applicable, the only costs and costs incurred by the airline: it is agreed by the parties and guaranteed that those who sign this document on behalf of the parties concerned are duly authorized to carry out this agreement.