Kia Lease Agreement Pdf

If your circumstances change, please contact our customer service on 0800 0749 755 (option 4) to discuss your options The reseller will provide you with copies of all documents you have signed. Once these simple steps are completed, you must notify Kia Motors Finance that the vehicle has been returned and that your leasing ignition work is complete. B. Meet with the original Kia dealer. To make an appointment for the return of your vehicle, contact the original Kia dealer 7 to 15 days before your scheduled due date. This will give you and the merchant time to make a decision on a new lease or purchase agreement. If the original Kia dealer is not comfortable for any reason, please call the Kia Lease End Services team toll-free at (866) 331-5632 to assist you at Midwest Kia. As your scheduled deadline approaches, you want the security that comes with an informed decision. That`s why Midwest Kia has simplified the final leasing process. You have two fundamental options for managing the duration of your current leasing contract: Please contact the Kia Finance Contract customer service team: Tel: 0800 0749 755 Option 4 Opening hours: MB – Friday 0900 – 1730 and Saturday 1000 – 1600 GENERAL LEASING INFORMATION FROM KIA.COMLeasing usually offers the advantage of little or no acompttements and low monthly payments. Leasing can allow you to drive a better equipped vehicle than you could have bought in cash or credit. Leasing usually results in lower monthly payments than the purchase over the same period of time. In general, leasing is a win-win situation for most drivers.

The exceptions are those who want to keep their cars for a while or those who drive many miles on their vehicle every year. A lease is actually a payment for the use of a vehicle for a certain period of time and not a purchase. Their payments cover the depreciation of the vehicle for the duration of the lease agreement. Since this amount is usually significantly lower than the total purchase price, payments may be lower. They (referred to as „renters”) agree to maintain the car during the rental agreement and to specify only the number of miles indicated in the rental agreement. At the end of the lease agreement, you can return the vehicle or use the option for purchase. Is leasing what I need? Are you a driver who takes care of your car and deposits between 12,000 and 15,000 miles a year on your car? If so, you might find that leasing is useful for you by offering lower payments and the ability to drive a new car every two or three years. On the other hand, if you travel a large number of miles on your car (more than 20,000 miles per year) or if you tend to drive your car for 5 years or more before exchanging it, leasing may not be the right option for your needs.

Your Kia dealer is informed of both plans and can give you specific details about the car you are interested in. Balloon Leasing Conditions Note: This is very similar to a leasing. The difference is that the vehicle is registered and insured in the name of the customer. This allows customers to enjoy the same low monthly payments as in countries where leasing is not popular….