Finder`s Fee Agreement Non-Circumvention

8 Comprehensive Agreement. This is the entire agreement between the parties and replaces any prior negotiations or agreements. All amendments to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by the parties. 3 Non-exclusive agreement/royalties that do not apply to public offerings. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything else, the Company and Reedland agree that this Agreement is exclusive only to investors with respect to subsequent investment and does not prevent the Company from entering into a share purchase agreement with parties other than the Investors, and that it does not prohibit the Company from entering into an investment banking relationship. Merger agreement, subscription contract or other transaction with another party. In addition, no royalties or compensation of any kind due or paid by the company to Reedland if the investors acquire the equity securities of the company in the context of a public offer subscribed by the company or outside the subsequent investment. 1 Reedland will not provide assurances to investors about the company, nor will it enter into agreements with investors on behalf of Covenants. The Company has the exclusive right to accept or reject, at its discretion, any proposal from investors. 9 Exemption. The Company releases Reedland and its officers, directors, representatives and employees from any loss, damage or liability resulting from the breach of the terms of this Agreement or any agreement between the Company and Elliott investors on the offering and/or sale of the Company`s securities.

If Reedland is entitled to compensation under this Agreement, it undertakes to keep the Company harmless and to keep it harmless from any claim by another person or discoverer who claims research costs or other similar compensation for services related to a transaction with investors if that person has acted in collaboration with Reedland. These compensation rules survive the conclusion, cancellation or cancellation of the planned transaction. ACCORDINGLY, the undersigned have executed this Agreement on the date and year in which they were first written. 5 press releases/SEC. The Company agrees that any reference to Reedland in press releases, SEC submissions or other company communications (if any) designates Reedland as reedland Capital Partners, an institutional division of Financial West Group. A. Cash commission. Upon completion of the follow-up investment by the investors (closing date), the Company agrees to pay Reedland a cash commission of two hundred and eighty thousand dollars ($280,000), payable by bank transfer. This second new non-circumvention and finder tax agreement (this agreement) will be concluded by and between STAR SCIENTIFIC, INC as of April 15, 2004. (the Company) and REEDLAND CAPITAL PARTNERS (Reedland), an institutional division of the Occidental Financial Group, dealer-broker and NASD/SIPC/MSRB member. 2 Non-circumvention.

In the event that investors purchase the entity`s securities directly from the entity through the follow-up investment, including the company`s common shares (common or common shares), convertible preferred shares, warrants and/or other securities (including convertible debt securities) converted or exercised into common shares (together securities), the Company agrees that it will not circumvent Reedland and will indemnify Reedland to Conne. Pursuant to the Non-Escape and Finders Fee Agreement entered into by and between the Company and Reedland with effect from 23 March 2004 (Agreement of 23 March), Reedland submitted to ELLIOTT CAPITAL ADVISORS, L.P. . .