Averaging Hours Agreement Bc

In accordance with section 37 of the Act, you and your employees may agree on „average” overtime. This often happens when employees have to work longer but fewer days, for example in four-day rotations of 10 hours. Any funding agreement must comply with certain rules in Section 37. Below is a non-exhaustive list, representative of the requirements set out in section 37: Example 1: a one-week schedule for a worker working an average of 40 hours  to two hours for all overtime of 12 hours per day and a worker must be free for at least 32 hours in a row. This rest can be taken in the same week, in different weeks or successively at any time during the duration of the calendar. 2. Employers and employees shall conclude an average agreement of two weeks with a total working time of 90 hours. The agreement is not valid because the average working time exceeds 40 per week. Therefore, section 40 of the Act would apply to the calculation of overtime. A worker is entitled to statutory leave pay if he or she has worked 30 calendar days and has worked under an average agreement in the 30 days preceding the statutory holiday. Employees must be paid one and a half hours for all the hours they work, which exceed the average of 40 hours per week for the period covered by the agreement. (a) 40 hours if the agreement sets a time limit of 1 week in accordance with paragraph 2 (a)(iii); (b) an average duration of 40 hours per week if the agreement provides for a period of more than one week in accordance with paragraph 2 (a)(iii).

A financing agreement must be signed by the employer and the employee before the start date. It must also contain that the provisions relating to average overtime are intended for a situation in which employees must regularly work a non-standard day. An example would be a consistent work week with 4 shifts of 10 hours. An average overtime agreement allows employers to use this type of schedule without there being an obligation to pay overtime rates. Under a funding agreement, employees who are required to work eight hours or more per day must be paid 1.5 times the worker`s regular wage only for hours worked up to 12 hours during scheduled hours. . . .