Wsus License Agreement

WSUS is a feature of the Windows Server product and therefore requires a valid Windows Server license for the computer on which the service is hosted. The fact that user workstations authenticate on the WSUS service to retrieve their updates requires the acquisition of a file server client access license (CAL) for each desktop that connects to the WSUS service. [6] The file server CAL for WSUS is the same CAL as needed to connect to an Active Directory microsoft, a file server and a print server and must be purchased once for a device or user. I have the same problem, I tried to reset wsusutil, but it doesn`t work. See: A downstream replicator server, also known as centralized management, works with an upstream WSUS server that shares updates, approval status and computer groups with downstream servers. Replicating servers inherit update permissions and are not managed separately from the upstream WSUS server. Each downstream replica server requires a downstream license. Other software updates to the site are configured as replicating the software`s first update point. The first installation of the software update point is on the upstream WSUS root server. A server upstream of the WSUS strain is defined as a system that is synchronized directly with Microsoft Update and requires a single or upstream license. I placed 2 new WSUS servers on server 2012 R2 in 2 domains and create 2 2008 R2 WSUS servers that were in production. Both are VMs. Both installed and patched without problem.

Not all malware removal tool updates can be approved because the license cannot be downloaded. MRI for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Server 2012 can be approved without any problems. On the 16th, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 was displayed in WSUS. One way or another, I can`t approve it because Microsoft`s license terms couldn`t be downloaded. In a network using Samba Active Directory, you don`t have to buy CALs to connect to the domain controller or connect to a samba file server. However, using a WSUS server still requires customer access licenses for all Windows workstations that connect to the WSUS server. [7] The simplest WSUS deployment consists of a server within the company that uses client computers on a private intranet. The WSUS server connects with Microsoft Update to download updates. If you have a unique WSUS server license, WSUS Automated Maintenance requires a single or upstream license. I managed to hack a workaround problem together, so I`m marked as an answer here, for those who are interested: Often, EULAs cannot be downloaded because a device — proxy/webfilter/Firewall — blocks the download of TXT files.

Make sure you can download TXT files to the WSUS server, then run wsusutil reset for the WSUS server to put the missing EULAs download requirements back into the queue. A server upstream of the WSUS strain is defined as a system that is synchronized directly with Microsoft Update. Each WSUS server upstream of the strain requires a single or upstream license. For each WSUS online staging server, a single or upstream license is required. Other software updates on the website are configured as replicas downstream of the software`s first update point. Each downstream replica server requires a downstream license. A standalone downstream server, also known as distributed administration, is the standard installation option for WSUS. In standalone mode, an upstream WSUS server transmits updates with downstream servers while syncing.

Downstream standalone servers are managed separately and do not receive license status