Rental Agreements Yukon

A substantial breach of the tenancy agreement involves a breach of the tenant`s liability, as described in the law, or a series of breaches of a tenancy agreement whose cumulative effectiveness is significant and extremely damaging. A tenant may object to an eviction notice by filing an application with the Landlords and Tenants` Court. Before you buy this product, please read this! Contains 29 essential forms, checklists and templates for selecting, assigning thoughts and managing tenants in the Yukon territory. The forms are available in Microsoft Word and pdf format. Exceptions: the owner has the right to enter: in case of emergency; with the tenant`s consent at the time of entry; to show rental property to tenants or potential buyers after termination or in the event of tenant abandonment. After the closing of the tenancy agreement, the lessor cannot increase the fees or fees listed in the tenancy agreement, or collect an additional fee or fee without informing the tenant in writing of the increase or addition of a period of at least three months before the increase or supplement comes into effect. The total amount of a security deposit should be no more than the first month`s rent. A deposit can be applied for the last month`s rent. The lessor must pay interest at the prescribed rate (set twice by the consumer services) on the bond either annually or 15 days after the end of the lease, which is the first priority. A deposit may be deducted from the payment of the last tenancy period as part of the lease agreement. If a landlord and tenant have signed declarations describing the condition of the rental property at the time of moving and moving, the deposit may be levied to repair the damage to the property.

This is not allowed without the agreement of both parties. A landlord or tenant can only modify or have the closure system, which provides access to the rental property, be modified or made by mutual agreement during the tenant`s occupation of the rental property. Yes, if the rental agreement contains a no-smoking or no pet clause and all tenants in the building are treated the same (in this case, no one in the building can have pets) and if there is a strict rule on non-smokers in the building, tenants who break these rules commit a serious breach of the tenancy agreement and can be served with a notice of eviction. Use this handy kit to document the rental of a residential property. Forms include credit information forms, pet rules, late rent requirements, lease termination and more. Some of the forms included are: Request for rental form: contains fields for references and authorization to perform a credit check. rental unit: use before the start of the tenancy agreement to confirm with the tenant the condition of the premises and the contents; use the same form to perform an end-to-end tenancy inspection. Repair agreement: a form that offers landlords and tenants an optional opportunity to agree on repairs made before the lease begins. Residential lease agreement: a detailed agreement with an “Annex A” that details provincial lease rules.