Njea Collective Bargaining Agreement

In addition, WTEA has obtained an approval agreement with the Board of Education for the recognition of members under the professional title “Clerical Aids”. WTEA leaders are currently negotiating a first interim agreement for these valuable new members. In 2021, we hope to include the Clerical Aide unit in the largest all-inclusive trading unit. By definition, a complaint is a “request from a staff member or association, based on the interpretation, application or violation of directives, agreements and administrative decisions concerning an employee, a group of employees and/or the association.” There are usually four main categories of complaints that are: violation of the agreement (an act of ignorance, negligence, error, omission or commission by the board of directors or its agent, which is known that they are at odds with the terms of the collective agreement (CBA)); Disagreement of interpretation (the facts of the matter are generally clear and not contentious, but the complaint stems from a dispute in the interpretation of the language of the CBA); Litigation of facts (the parties agree on the importance of the language of the CBA, but the question is whether or not the alleged violation of the CBA occurred, and legal disputes (usually on the basis of the association`s assertion that the board of directors or its representative abused its discretion or exercised an arbitrary, capricious or discriminatory right). If you listen to individuals or groups trying to convince you to lose your membership or offer you cheaper representation, you understand that they are fronts that work for far-right anti-union organizations funded by the Koch brothers. Their interest is to water down the power of trade unions, reduce wages and end collective bargaining for decent wages and benefits. The V.E.A. remains the only democratic organization that represents you. Our power is our unity. Please read this (click here) if you have received the mailing from “Americans for Prosperity” to get the full context of who they are and what you received. The current collective agreement has been ratified by the WTEA and the Woodbridge Township Board of Education and covers the period from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021.

Note that a claim can form the basis of a claim, even if there is no explicit provision in the CBA that appears to justify the right. The CBA contains legal provisions (and the history of labour law subscribes to all agreements) certain assumptions that allow complaints to be filed in a number of other areas. However, don`t forget to set reasonable limits for your work day to preserve your physical and mental health. No one should work 10 hours or more a day at the computer! Covid-19 and these working conditions seem to be an endless cycle, but it is temporary and a change for the better will come. Cumberland County Family Shelter — We raise funds every month for delivery. At other times, our roles as good citizens and professionals make our responsibilities more complex. Child abuse and neglect are a terrible fact of life. Malicious accusations, intended to delinee the character of a human being, are another terrible fact of life. This question-and-answer session on the rights of our members should help our members understand their rights and obligations with respect to reporting child abuse. All association representatives and members can call the WTEA office at any time to clarify. By law, anyone with a reasonable reason to believe that a child has been abused or neglected is required to notify the Youth and Family Services Service (DYFS) immediately.