Listing Agreement Keller Williams

After leaving your home with the list agreement, we go back to the office and we get to work. So for anyone thinking of selling a home, here`s what you can expect after signing the list agreement. Immediately after signing the list agreement, we will propose ways to improve the sidewalk appeal of the house and, if necessary, give you some advice on how to stage the interior to meet the largest number of potential buyers. These photos will not only be used in the MLS list, but in all other marketing materials, so we`ll give you a lot of attention to get the house in top shape before it happens. We will also organize a good day to keep the house open to the realtor. While you are busy improving and making repairs, we have our own tasks to accomplish. Here`s just a handful of what we do right after we sign the list agreement: it starts with listing your home. If you know what happens after signing the list agreement, and what is expected of you during this period, nothing will fall through the cracks and you will be able to relax in the process. While for the first time, buying a home is a little confusing until the process is explained, selling one for the first time is even more so. It`s a huge investment that you`re selling. How much are you going to do, and when? While the house is on the market, you are regularly asked to sign different forms. From emergency releases to other confirmations, we make sure you fully understand what you`re signing.

What happens if you look for the same information and advice for early sellers? The seller`s disclosure statement is the one that all sellers must complete. Although we cannot fill out the form for you, we are available for any questions. Seller information is a serious transaction; It`s your most important duty when you sell your home. It may seem that by brutality on known problems you can sabotage the sale, but you are in fact immune to future legal liability. While the house is on the market, you need to keep it properly and keep your valuables locked up. Leaving the house while it is being shown is a nuisance, but necessary if you hope to sell the house quickly. While you won`t see us, we`ll be overwhelmed behind the scenes with a flood of activities, from the inclusion of the home in the multiple list services database to implementing our proven marketing plan. Then we check the square records of your home and lots of tax data and enter all the information about your home into the multiple list database. There`s much more to sell than sticking a sign in the yard with a crate of pretty planes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Have you ever noticed that information and advice for first-time buyers is plentiful on the Internet? We will also go through all the repairs that we think will help the house sell faster and for more money. Once the photos and information are in the MLS, your home is officially on the market and all other real estate agents in the area have access to the information and can start showing your home. Most sellers have to fill out different information – forms that tell the buyer everything the sellers know about the home that can carry when making their purchase decision.